What are Website builders?

If you are trying to build a website from scratch, it can prove to be quite difficult. Without a website builder, you are going to need to learn some form of HTML, CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), Javascript and possible one of Python, PHP, or Perl. Although if you are just building a static site then all you really need to be concerned with is HTML and CSS. However, most people do not have the time or interest to learn all this. So, instead it is much more efficient to use a website builder such as Wix, Squarespace, etc. Each does it slightly different, however the general idea remains the same. You provide some idea of what type website you want, and they provide a template suited for that kind of website. You must fill the template with your content and make any necessary changes.


Website builders are not for everyone, by looking at the advantages and disadvantages you can determine if it is right for you. Some of the advantages include...


1. Easy to use

You do not need to know how to code to use a website builder. The templates and themes provide a simple way to insert images and text into your website. So, even someone who has zero experience in code can make a professional looking website.

2. Build websites fast

Building a website purely through coding is time consuming. You will run into many problems along the way that might not have an easy fix. With a website builder, a lot of those problems you might run into are already fixed. If hire a web designer, you would lose control over making quick changes. Most likely, your web designer would have other clients and making small changes to your website would become difficult.

3. Cost Effective

Using a website builder is free! Even if you pay a little extra for a theme or template, it most likely will end up being cheaper than hiring a web designer.


1. Less Control Over Website

If you can create a website entirely through coding, you have complete control of where everything is on your website. However, by using a website builder, you are subjected to their templates. If you have a problem with how something looks you might have difficulty changing it.

2. Website Might Not Look Unique

Even though many of the templates look professional, they can be accessed by anyone also using that website builder. This would make your website not look unique compared to those who also used that template.

3. Poorly Integrated SEO elements

When you build a website, you (usually) want other people to see it. However, a lot of website builders do not integrate SEO elements which will cause your website to rank poorly in a search engine.

4. Mobile

Many people access the internet on their phone today. It has become a necessity for websites to optimize for mobile users. One of the problems of website builders is they can struggle to optimize your website for mobile use. This will hurt your website’s ranking in a search engine.

Are Website Builders Worth it

Yes. Website builders are a necessity as they remove the need for programming experience to build a website. They are not the right option for everyone but have found a market.


What Are Website Builders

This article will take you through what website builders are and how they might benefit your website.



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